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Benefits of Having a Pizza Prep Table

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 3:06:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

Pizzerias pump out a lot of this American-Italian favorite and have to design their kitchens accordingly. Small cutting boards don't cut it. Refrigeration has to accommodate a wealth of toppings. Pizza kitchens adapt to these challenges and many more so they can make fresh pizzas to order all day and night. Pizza prep tables are an amazing tool that helps make pizza production easier for cooks, and beneficial for restaurant owners.

Save Space
Pizza prep tables are specifically designed for making pizza. They combine the correct size prep space with refrigeration for everything from dough to anchovies. This means plenty of space for rolling out dough, cutting toppings and more all within reach of storage. Cooks will also save a lot of time not having to go back and forth between a prep table and a refrigeration unit. Restaurant owners can choose the right size for their needs to save even more space.

Proper Refrigeration
Pizza prep tables are the perfect way to store toppings, sauces and more safely at the correct temperature and within reach. Refrigeration at the top and refrigerated drawers make for easy access and smart storage. They also make it easier to rotate stock. Simply pull out empty pans and replace them with full pans of prepped items. It's not only faster, but proper rotation keeps food safe for consumption.

Restaurant owners can customize pizza prep tables to fit their needs. They can decide on the size of the unit so it will fit snugly with the other equipment in the kitchen. They can opt for refrigerated drawers underneath or reach-ins that allow for larger storage items, such as sheet trays. The top of the table can be outfitted with refrigerated space for pans, which are perfect for toppings like crumbled sausage, pepperoni, onions, tomatoes and cheese. Most standard-size pans will fit directly into the refrigerated well, making it possible to have a snug fit that will cut back on energy waste.

Easy Cleanup
When pizza prep is consolidated to one piece of equipment, cleanup is much easier. Pans pull out from the refrigerated top. Cutting boards are typically removable, so they can be run through the dishwasher while the counter is wiped. Pans pull out of the drawers so those can be sanitized as well. These units are designed to make them easy to operate from start to finish, so tables can be shining at the end of every shift.
Not every kitchen is going to need a pizza prep table, but even restaurants with only a few pizzas on the menu may benefit from one if pizza is a hot menu item. They help staff keep up with tickets and help keep the kitchen organized.

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